Furniture & Object

F-21-003, 2x4 table   
pine, 15” x 15” x 16” 

F-21-003, bedside table 
oak, 20” x 14” x 16”

F-21-002, pipe 
oak, 1-1/2” x 1” x 4”

F-20-006, coffee table
oak, maple, and walnut, 30” x 48” x 16”.

F-20-005, small tables
oak, dimensions vary. 

F-20-004, wall shelves  
ash & brass screws, 52” x 9” x  5”.

F-20-002, sunset quilt
cotton fabrics & cotton batting, 74” x 86”.

F-20-001, patchwork tote
cotton fabrics & cotton batting, 14”x 20”. 

F-19-004, big ash table
ash, 40” x 40”.

F-19-002, wall mounted coat rack
ash, 48” x 7-1/2” x 1-1/2”

F-19-001, spill quilt
Cotton fabrics & cotton batting, 60” x 80” 

F-18-007, plasma cut shelf
powder coated steel. 72” x 72” x 14” 

F-18-005, bent-lam lounge  
bent laminated baltic birch ply & maple dowels, 48” x 36” x 30”

F-18-004, braided rugs
wool yarn & synthetic thread, varying dimensions. 

F-18-003, macaroni vase
powder coated steel, 8” x 4” x 3”

F-18-001, dowel set (screw-it!) 
poplar dowels, canvas, formica, baltic birch plywood, varying dimensions.

F-17-006, charchuchie board
ash, oak, or walnut, varying dimensions.

F-17-005, cabbie
beech with vegetable tanned leather pulls, 48” x 18” x 24” 

F-17-003, not fine lamp
pine dowel, chorded wire, electrical wireing, 10” x 20” x 36”

F-17-002, sheet seat
12 gauge steel, 36” x 30” x 20” 

F-17-001, butt brush
maple, 9” x 6” x 2”


Architecture & Spaces

A-20-001, beach house 
surf pines, oregon, usa

A-18-001, shrine to an urban forest 
providence, rhode island, usa 

A-16-001, house for a writer
olympic penninsula, washington, usa

A-15-002, floating pavilion
tonle sap lake, vietnam

A-15-001, festival pavilion
aarhus, denmark, 2014 


Curatorial & Writings

C-19-002, mild & wild - book
print, a4

C-19-001, mild and wild - show
dunkin donut’s arena, providence, rhode island, usa (risd thesis show)

C-18-001, object set
risd graduate bienalle, cit building, providence, rhode island, usa 

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